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Underlays for Conscious Choices

By 11th April 2021May 13th, 2022No Comments

Underlays from floorwise can help retailers respond to the homeowners growing interest in choices that are more sustainable.

“Many people think about the impact the carpet they choose might have on the environment, but not always about the underlay,” begins Richard Bailey, managing director, floorwise. “Fortunately, there are options on the market that can help retailers to get homeowners thinking about the impact of their underlay selection too by bringing products that use recycled materials.”

Made in the UK from post-industrial recycled foam, the floorwise PU underlay collection makes a sensible choice for homeowners considering the impact of their purchases.

Other underlays make a great option too, with the brand’s vigour and champion (recycled car tyres), duet (recycled rubber and wool felt) and symphony (wool felt) delivering recycled materials. But it’s not just the local manufacturing and recycled content that marks them out as more environmentally aware products.

“One of the biggest environmental challenges facing the retail flooring industry is in the disposal of old, unwanted products. With homeowners generally only changing their carpet when it becomes worn, it is important to realise that the underlay can make a huge difference to the longevity of the carpet,” continues Richard. “Extending the life of the carpet by as much as 40%, a good quality underlay keeps the floor out of the waste stream for longer.”

Regardless of material composition, density is an indicator in the long-term performance with higher density products providing better long-term resilience. So, for the ultimate in carpet longevity or in areas exposed to lots of footfall, then SHD+ or UHD+ options in floorwise’s PU or rubber crumb line-ups offer the best chance of the carpet lasting. Under heavyweight carpets, recycled rubber and felt products provide the support needed to ensure the carpet doesn’t ruck as the underlay compresses over time.

“The underlay’s role is not solely comfort,” concludes Richard. “It has an important part to play in the long-term value of the carpet by avoiding premature replacement because of wear. Made in the UK from recycled materials where possible and with plenty of density options to extract maximum performance from any budget, floorwise underlays can help homeowners towards a better long-term flooring choice.

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