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Start Out Right with Bouncebackability

By 31st March 2022May 8th, 2022No Comments

With bouncebackability, floorwise is helping everyone to better understand how selecting the right carpet underlay can be the start of a fantastic floor.

With any carpet underlay, there is a balance between comfort and durability; achieving the perfect balance between these characteristics is what bouncebackability is all about. By matching the ratio of density and thickness of the underlay to the specific application, floorwise can help consumers fine-tune performance to deliver the perfect combination of comfort and recovery at any price point.

Increasing density gives a firmer feeling underfoot but improves long-term recovery, so for the most demanding areas – such as in many commercial environments – floorwise UHD+ underlays are the best option, delivering bouncebackability that won’t fade over time even under high-levels of foot traffic. In contrast in domestic bedrooms, where foot traffic is far lower and often barefoot, comfort is the priority. Here a thicker, lower density underlay will give a much greater feeling of comfort, meaning that 11 or 12mm thick underlays in HD+ or MD+ can deliver just the right level of bouncebackability.

Richard Bailey, managing director, floorwise, says: “Choosing the right underlay can be confusing for many consumers and we see bouncebackability as a great way to provide helpful guidance to make the right selection at any price point. So, whether choosing an underlay for a hallway, staircase or landing in a luxury home or for a bedroom in a first property, with bouncebackability customers will always find the right balance of comfort and durability.”

floorwise provides a range of carpet underlays in PU, blown rubber, rubber crumb and wool felt to provide a solution with the ideal bouncebackability for any subfloor and carpet combination. To find out more about one of the most comprehensive underlay ranges available today, talk to our exclusive network of independent floorwise distributors across the UK and Ireland.

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