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Product Versatility From Experts in Underlay Floorwise – 2015

By 9th February 2017December 3rd, 2019No Comments

A complete range of underlays awaits any retailer and installer when they turn to floorwise, with an extensively tried and tested product collection that offers quality and value like no other. Far from being limited to any one type of underlay, any flooring professional can choose from a host of materials, including polyurethane foam, PE Foam, blown rubber, rubber crumb, wool felt and combinations thereafter, suitable for the installation of almost every floorcovering.

Being able to choose the right underlay for the job ensures the end result will more than live up to expectations.

The floorwise recycled foam underlay collection is a great place to start for the majority of carpet installations. The lighter weight rolls do not hinder performance and the recovery properties, improving with density, provide the ideal foundation for carpets. The floorwise brand prides itself on continuing to produce a foam underlay collection with exceptional depth, so whether it is a Standard or Ultra High Density choice, at a thickness of 7 through to 12mm, floorwise is on hand to provide a tailored solution in no less than 13 different styles.

There are times when a more specific set of performance criteria are required. Here, floorwise produces once more with underlays that meet specific needs, whether low tog ratings for underfloor heating, or 100% recovery for very heavy wear areas such as hallways, stairs and landings.

For heavy wear areas at a residential level, Endura and Optima are the floorwise rubber crumb offering that represent the very best in long-lasting performance. Produced to withstand any challenges thrown their way, Endura and Optima boast fantastic long-term recovery in a 6.75mm or 8mm thickness respectively. With Ultra High Density Plus configuration, these underlays are the perfect foil for heavy or wheeled traffic with their excellent sound reduction; Endura and Optima are great solutions for a range of environments, commercial or residential, when either double-stick or stretch-fit applications are required.

For those seeking a rubber underlay for use with underfloor heating, floorwise has provided a unique solution in Thermaflow. Thermaflow Impact will not degrade or produce odour at higher temperatures, a common issue with underlays of this type, and also provides a healthy blend of Super High Density durability and 6.75mm comfort underfoot. Installers on the look-out for high performance UFH-compatible underlay need search no more.

floorwise continues to excel with its blown rubber underlays, putting its years of experience in the industry to good use. Three different blown rubber options are order of the day for those looking to explore a more traditional underlay route, coming in three different weight qualities for a range of durability requirements.  This time in thicknesses of 7 to 10mm, Comfort, Comfort4 and Pinnacle provide for a strong all-round underlay suited to all carpet types.

For the true traditionalists and those looking for a natural solution, Symphony, Duet and Duet Supreme use wool felt to provide comfort and durability, with the Duet pairing also employing a rubber crumb backing for extra durability and recovery. These underlays are again suitable for wheeled traffic with Symphony available in four different thicknesses, depending on your requirements. Added benefits also come in the shape of excellent thermal insulation and breathability with great bedding properties ideal for woven backed carpet.

The floorwise underlay collection is generally made in the UK to ensure excellent product quality right across the board. This quality is matched by pricing and specifications that ensure these underlays deliver high-end performance whatever the requirement and, crucially, that products are readily available at floorwise trade counters up and down the UK & Ireland.