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F596 – A healthier spray adhesive from floorwise

By 21st April 2021May 13th, 2022No Comments

F596 from floorwise is a heavy-duty spray adhesive which removes Dichloromethane as a solvent to create a  formulation which poses a far lower risk to installers. Click here to find out more

Spray adhesives are ideal for those quick fixes on-site, tidying up loose carpet and underlay edges, so step in floorwise with its F596 Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive F596 takes out the Dichloromethane. Dichloromethane is colourless, odourless and denser than air so can build up at floor level  which poses a risk to health as it is both a potential carcinogen risk as well as metabolising to carbon monoxide creating a risk from asphyxiation. Removing this makes F596 a far lower risk product for installers to use.

Already popular with fitters that have learnt about its health benefits, F596 is a versatile adhesive that trades nothing in performance for its healthier formulation. With a high-solid, low-solvent formula, F596 provides a quick, strong and aggressive bond.

“We know that some fitters have avoided the benefits of spray adhesive purely because of the harmful substances in some formulations, so we’ve developed F596 as a healthier spray adhesive that outperforms the competition,” says Richard Bailey, managing director, floorwise. “An SBR resin, it’s a really versatile solution for daily tasks and can stick to concrete and screeds, plywood, ceramic tiles, brickwork and plaster.”

Great for use with carpet, carpet tiles, cork, underlay, felts and much more, F596 is not recommended for use with PVC floorcoverings. Available in 500ml cans with a coverage of approximately 3m2, F596 Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive is available from floorwise stockists across the UK and Ireland.

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