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An enduring choice with floorwise rubber crumb underlay – May 2016

By 9th February 2017December 3rd, 2019No Comments

With Endura and Optima, floorwise has swept-up rubber crumb underlay, providing commercial locations with lasting durability and impressive performance.

Featuring floorwise’s proprietary UHD+ density, Optima (8mm) and Endura (6.75mm) provide unmatched recovery rates thanks to the very best in materials and construction, promising supreme all-round performance. Helping to combat noise, offering better underfoot comfort, creating warmer rooms and prolonging carpet life, these underlays make perfect sense in a range of commercial environments. Meeting all relevant BS standards, Endura and Optima are stretch and double-stick compatible, with the latter particularly suitable for large commercial and corporate spaces:

“Our Optima underlay is not only incredibly tough, but it helps to reduce sound by 31dB too making it a great choice in multi-use hospitality areas such as those in stadiums, conference centres and hotels. In fact, any public or private space that demands first-class performance and underfoot luxury from carpet would be wise to opt for Optima.” Explains Richard Bailey, managing director, floorwise.

Endura offers a solution that’s ideal for use when the situation isn’t quite so demanding, but with a Heavy Contract Use rating it is still great for environments wanting a newly-installed carpet to provide maximum return. Made from recycled car tyres, rubber crumb underlays offer the best in contract performance and floorwise has developed a unique composition that gives more performance per pound, ensuring that Endura and Optima are the ultimate in performance underlays.

A favourite among specifiers and installers around the country, Endura and Optima are available through floorwise trade counters right across the UK and Ireland.

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