Underlay for Underfloor Heating

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Many underlays offer good thermal insulation properties which can help to keep your rooms warm as well as comfortable underfoot. However, higher tog ratings are not desirable when looking at use with underfloor heating systems as it prevents the movement of heat through the underlay and floor covering. In these applications the home owner would want the maximum benefit of their heating to be felt in their rooms.

It is for this reason that Floorwise has introduced a collection of specialist underlays with low tog ratings suitable for most types of underfloor heating systems where a maximum tog value of 2* for the combined floor covering and underlay is generally recommended.

Designed for use with normal operating underfloor heating systems** they will not produce odours or degrade when used at higher temperatures over prolonged periods of time.

* Please note that we would always recommend that the advice of the underfloor heating manufacturer be sought to identify their maximum advised tog rating for the combined floor covering and underlay.

** Normal operating systems are defined as those that produce floor surface temperatures of no more than 29°C for central areas and 35°C for peripheral areas.