Sustainability in Flooring

Sustainable Solutions

Floorwise take the issue of sustainability and how we work with our suppliers and our customers seriously. We believe that we can only grow if we help others to grow with us.

With this objective at the heart of what we do and we seek to ensure that we work with like minded organisations.


The majority of our underlay products are made of recycled foam or rubber waste and provide an excellent way to repurpose both industrial co-product alongside material from end-of-life applications such as rubber from old car tyres or foam from old furnishings.

The majority of these products also benefit from being 100% recyclable at the end of their life so avoid the need to send material to landfill.

As well as providing extra comfort for the user foam underlays can also help provide some additional thermal insulation. We generally state this as a TOG value, in order to convert this to an R-value simply divide by 10.

Using quality underlay products is not only good from a recycling perspective, it can also help when designing to BREEAM or LEED methodology. Depending upon the type of floor covering used it is possible for foam, felt and crumb rubber underlays to achieve an A Rating in the BRE Green Guide to specification.

Click here to see the BRE Green Guide ratings for flooring.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Floorwise work closely with our suppliers to ensure that they achieve compliance with the Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code for worker rights within our supply chains.

We do this because we believe that, as one of the strongest brands within the flooring accessories market, it is right for us to do so. As such, we only work with reputable suppliers who share our values.

Please click here to view the ETI Base Code.

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